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How is this game played?

Battle Ball is a 3D game written for DirectX. To play you need to download the software then install on your computer. The object of the game is simple: catch the ball with your paddle, then make your opponent miss! This sounds quite easy but it will test your skill. First get some practice playing the challenge game, then go to the lobby to find other players online.

What are coins for?

Coins are used to bet on your own games, or on games between other players. You receive coins each hour depending on the type of account you have. When you've won enough coins, you may trade them in for CASH REBATES.

What are the daily and stored pools?

The coins you receive automatically each hour go into the daily pool. This pool has a limit beyond which you will not receive more coins. Coins you win from training matches or tournaments go into the stored pool, which has no limit. Coins are always withdrawn from daily pool first, so make sure to keep it below the limit.

What is a training match?

When you invite another player to a training match, you propose a wager in coins. Spectators in your lobby may additionally enter bets on your game until the first point is scored. The winning player receives both coins and experience points proportional to the bets placed on the opponent. Spectators will win only coins.

How does the leveling work?

You must gain experience points to advance your level. With each level you are given new skill points, which you can use to raise the power, size, or dexterity of your paddle. Experience points are gained from winning training matches.

How do I play in a tournament?

After you join a currently active tournament (from My Tournaments), you start receiving battles each day. You will be able to invite any other tourament player (with compatible tournament physics) to a tournament match as long as you both have battles remaining. The winner gains some amount of victories, which increases with the opponent's level. Each tournament has preset physics options for game rules, court type, air resistance, and gravity. The player may not change these.

What happens at the end of the tournament?

After the tournament's end date, the final winner is determined by the total victories gained. All players who scored victories will receive some prize, which can be coins, experience, or for the 1st place winner, a product prize. The 1st place winner may surrender some amount of expereience points, depending on the tournament.

For their achievement, the top three players are awarded with gold, silver, and bronze medals which will be visible in the game as well as on the website (coming soon).

Can the same player keep taking the top prize in tournaments?

There is no hard limit on how many times a player may compete or win in the tournaments. However there are two rules in place to help even the chances for everyone.

  • After the 1st gold medal, the player surrenders extra exp for additional medals.
  • With each gold medal, the winner gains "handicap", which is the percentage of tournament points he/she gives up in future matches. Handicap accumulates after each gold, but decays at a rate of 2% per day.
What are the differences between challenge rules and competition rules?

These rules have quite different gameplay. Under challenge rules, you only have control over the horizontal movement of the paddle. Competition rules give you the ability to turn the paddle and require that the paddle be swung at the right time for maximum power. Also you may not hit the top laser, therefore precise control of the paddle is required. We expect the advanced tournaments to run under competition rules.

How much does Battle Ball cost?

The basic game is free. The total amount of coins received by free accounts will be limited, however. A paid membership is available which opens all game options, and gives the player much more coins. The details are here.

Is there gambling in Battle Ball?

NO. Battle Ball members pay a small fee for additional features in the game, including gaining coins and experience points. Battle Ball is a game of skill rather than chance. The rebates are a marketing feature, where conversion to cash is NOT guaranteed. The primary intent of this game is just to have fun. For these reasons, Battle Ball does not contain legally defined gambling.

What if I have other questions?

The best way is to ask your question in the forum. If you wish to contact the developers directly, you may email us at info AT battleballgame.net

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